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For markets to function effectively, the focus in climate and ESG analysis needs to mature.

Current carbon footprinting tools, screening and scores, rarely capture the real impact of climate and the cost of companies transitioning.

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A significant number of corporate net zero commitments lack any detailed action and transition plans.

We must move beyond positive or negative screening, to fundamental, granular research on the companies and sectors that account for the majority of climate impacts.

That is what Signal Climate Analytics provides – the company, asset and product- level data and insights that are required to accurately assess corporate and sectoral progress and leadership on climate change, and the risks and opportunities of reaching net zero.

Our Research Process

Using multiple data sources to create an independent, expert assessment of corporate climate change impacts.


Scope out highest impact companies

Data Collection

Data collection & company engagement


Fundamental analysis of the sector & climate change drivers


Create forward-looking metrics under TCFD framework


Insights &

Our Unique Methodology

Mapping material transition risks, physical risks, opportunities and governance & strategy metrics, in line with the TCFD framework.

Transition Risks
Physical Risks
Climate Governance & Strategy
Transition Opportunities

Transition Risks

Emissions Intensity
Locked in Emissions
Investment Window
Cost of Transition

Physical Risks

Water Stress
Flood Risk

Climate Governance & Strategy

Target Alignment
Target Disclosure & Strategy
Scenario Analysis & Internal Carbon Pricing
Board & Executive Climate Management
Climate-related Remuneration

Transition Opportunities

Low Carbon Innovation
Research & Development
Capital Flexibility

Granular research based on asset-level data

Example mapping of cement plants globally

Global map with markers

Executive Summaries

The executive summaries for all Signal Climate Analytics reports are publicly available, but most full reports can only be accessed by subscribers.

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