Quantifying climate signals

Signal Climate Analytics cuts through the noise to identify the most material climate data and insights in a decarbonizing world.

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Fundamental research and analytics

We are a fundamental research and analytics group at the forefront of systems-level strategic analysis. We provide the market with the systemic and company-level insights on the challenges and opportunities of the transition to a post-carbon economy, focusing on the companies, sectors and technologies that matter most.

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A systems-based approach to sectoral research

For economies and companies to achieve net zero goals, critical, high-emitting sectors linked to the real economy will need to deeply decarbonize.

Our research and analytics cover the sectors and companies that have the most significant climate impacts, and looks at the interlinkages between these sectors and how they can work together to decarbonize.

We take a systems-based approach looking across the full value chain, at the climate impact of sectors themselves but also how this affects other parts of the economy and where solutions can be found.

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